Navigating Ambiguity

So, here I am having a go at this whole blogging thing again. Like many twenty-something writers, I’ve tried my hand a couple of times, but never kept up with it. I started by chatting it up about newly wed life before I took a stab at documenting all the hilarious things that my nephews, cousins and nanny kids said. Several jobs (and years) later, I’m at it again. So, naturally I decided to start a travel and lifestyle blog because, why not?

A Big Ol’ Lie?

“But wait a minute, Renée,” you might say. “You’re not a full-time traveler. Heck, you haven’t even traveled that much. In fact, you’re nothing more than a vacationer.”

Well, you’re right. I haven’t dropped everything to travel the world. I’m not a digital nomad trekking the globe in search of the most Instagram-worthy photo spots. Heck, I don’t even have my next plane ticket purchased or a definite destination in mind.

I started working on this blog feeling empowered and charged, imaging all the exciting posts I could write. I thought back to all the questions I’ve had every single time I’ve traveled and imagined answering them all here for other adventures.

But then I started to feel a bit like a fraud. I’m an introverted office monkey and all those other people with valuable things to say are full-time bloggers who have woven through traffic in tuk-tuks in Southeast Asia or communed with elephants in India. My coworkers, friends and peers have traveled more than I have. What could I possibly have to offer that hasn’t already been put out into the ether.

Well, we’re going to find out. Maybe my passport is lacking stamps, but I do love traveling. Or vacationing. Or holidaying— whatever you want to call it. And I want to share what I have done and what I do know with you. And I love writing and gosh darn it, I’m gonna do it one way or another. So whether you think I’m a sham because I haven’t reached frequent flier status or that my 8-year tenure in Orlando makes me qualified to discuss traveling, we’re doing this. Buckle up (because I’m a grandma at heart and won’t drive until everyone has their seatbelt on) and let’s ride!

The Road Ahead

A camel named Chocolata sits in the sand on the beach of Essaouira, Morocco.
Hanging out with a camel on the beach in Morocco during one of few international adventures.

While I’m not entirely sure what this blog will become, I can tell you my intentions as of today. I hope to inspire you to get out there a bit, and remind myself to do so. I want to offer up some tips and hard-won wisdom I’ve gained while traversing this world, whether it be from traveling, attending my first “real” concert at 27, or a making horribly stupid mistake. I plan on sharing some of my favorite semi-local locales. I live in Florida, after all; there are tons of destinations within driving (and walking) distance. And just for the fun of it, I might even sneak in some musical theater references because this is a place for me to share some of my passions and joys with you.

So, maybe this is a travel blog. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s more about wandering through life in general, not necessarily traipsing across cobblestone streets in remote European cities. But then again, maybe it is. There’s only one way to find out.

Will I ever turn in my two weeks and buy a one-way ticket? Who knows? But the more I experience, the more I realize that I don’t want to leave this world without seeing as much of it as possible, even if it’s in my own backyard.